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Gun Glory: Anarchy blasts its way to Featured section in a month

by on July 18, 2016
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Flange Studio was excited to announce that their title, Gun Glory: Anarchy, has already achieved “Featured on Google Play” status, despite only being released last month.
For those unaware, this is a free-to-play (with in-app purchases) title that place you in the boots of a well-trained and battle-hardened military Captain. You will need to proceed through secret missions and deadly battles as you attempt to discover the truth about a deadly radiation slowly spreading across the world.
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You will have a variety of weapons, such as sniper rifles and assault guns, and four different game modes to check out. The weapons are imbued with some unique super powers, such as spitting lava, launching tracking missiles, freezing your foes, and even conjuring dragons. You will likely need it all as you take on zombies, giant robots, exotic monsters, and even other players.
Players can also gain various components in order to upgrade their gear as they progress.
What are your thoughts on the achievement?
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