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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast arrives on iOS and Android


Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast has officially arrived on iOS and Android, allowing Metal and RPG gaming fans to take on the role of the band’s iconic mascot, Eddie. This title, from the teams at Nodding Frog, 50cc Games, and Roadhouse Interactive, is a unique gaming experience created in close collaboration with the band and its management team, Phantom Music Management.

It is set in a visually stunning universe, comprised of an ever expanding series of worlds derived from Iron Maidens art and music. Fans of the band and RPGs will be able to battle as Eddie and his allies while enjoying a powerful and atmospheric Maiden soundtrack, completing epic quests as they attempt to reclaim the shards of Eddie’s shattered soul.

James Hursthouse, CEO of Roadhouse Interactive, stated, “As a lifelong Maiden fan, I am exceptionally proud of Legacy of the Beast and excited to launch it globally. It has been a privilege to work so closely with Maiden and their management. With this game, I believe that we have created an outstanding, authentic RPG experience to appeal to all mobile gamers, including those discovering the band for the first time.”

“We’ve always wanted to make a quality Maiden mobile game as we think the combination of Eddie and the music is so well suited – and it’s a great way to get our music out to a new audience!” Steve Harris, Bassist and founding member of Iron Maiden commented. “When the opportunity arose to make a mobile game which our fans, along with hopefully a lot of the gaming community, can play pretty well anywhere in the world, and download for free at that, we jumped at it. The whole band visited Roadhouse while touring through Vancouver back in April and we were so impressed by the creativity, enthusiasm, and passion of the team there. Visually, the worlds and character designs do us proud and the music just ties it all together.

Llexi Leon, Interactive Director of Phantom Music Management, added, “Eddie is constantly evolving; He’s a globally recognizable character that resonates with fans of all ages, and has taken on a life of his own beyond the album covers where he first appeared. This game gives players a chance to step into Eddie’s world and experience an odyssey across space and time. In this incredible RPG adventure, we’re able to explore the origins of Eddie’s power and test the limit of his abilities, bringing new mechanics to the mobile RPG genre, and creating a truly unique gaming experience for everyone to enjoy.”

In Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, players control Eddie’s destiny across a spectacularly diverse array of worlds by traveling through time in captivating 3D environments. Eddie appears in many forms, each a part of Iron Maiden’s rich history, and each with a set of special powers and abilities. Players will amass an army of powerful allies to battle alongside Eddie and face the onslaught of foes hell-bent on destroying him. Legions of unrelenting enemies are commanded by the Agents of Control, including The Beast, The Wicker Man, Horus and The Axis General, all drawn from the expansive catalogue of Maiden’s albums and artwork. The game offers over 40 different Talisman sets to choose from, which all add to characters’ vital abilities. With each battle, players will evolve their armies, take on ever-increasing challenges to reclaim the facets of Eddie’s soul, and ultimately defeat the Agents of Control.

Gameplay is enhanced by a blistering soundtrack that features songs spanning the band’s entire career. Players will hear rare, previously unheard live recordings of Iron Maiden classics adapted for the game under the close scrutiny of bassist and founding member Steve Harris.

Will you be checking out the new game?


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