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access_time June 30, 2016 at 1:00 PM in Reviews by Steve Masters

Moshi Avanti On-ear Headphones — A Closer Look

At a recent Pepcom event,  I got a chance to look at the new products from Moshi.   Check out the video here:

A few weeks later, I received a demo unit for the Moshi Avanti headphones to review.



The packaging alone is very cool.  Magical magnetized box flap, and then a minimal, clean, presentation of the round grey case.  Zip around opening, and the metal and leather headphones are folded neatly inside.



Unfold them, adjust for fit, and then attach the wires. You can feel the quality in design and materials the way the cords attach to the sockets.  Nice snug, precise click.  Put the headphones on without playing anything and you can still hear some of the noise around you, but it does muffle it a bit.  These are NOT NOISE CANCELLING, so you won’t be completely shut off to outside sounds.


Once they are on your head, you’ll feel their presence, but they’re very light weight.  Under 6 ounces.  Now let’s talk about the sound quality.  First I plugged them into my laptop and surfed the net.   10 times better than the little speakers on the laptop that’s for sure!  I then listened to a variety of music, videos, and streaming services on a variety of audio players. Compared to other head phones I’ve sampled lately, the Avanti’s are equal or better than: JVC, Sony, Kensington, and they blow the doors of the EarPollution by iFrogz that have been in my recording studio for years.


The thing that sets the Moshi Avanti apart sound wise is the brightness.  They produce a clean mid and high range crispness, with a solid bass.  They aren’t thumpers, so if that’s what you like, you might be disappointed.  Most people will love the clarity and clean-ness that these headphones deliver.


Final verdict:  9 out of 10!!  These headphones are everything you would expect from a $199 retail headphone.  Lightweight and comfortable,  clean and bright sounding, and very fashionable.   You will also appreciate the quality in design and material.  If you have $200 to spend on new head phones, make sure you check out Moshi Avnti!


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