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access_time June 30, 2016 at 4:58 PM in Previews by Josh Boykin

E3 2016 | PDP Steps Up the Peripheral Game

The Titanfall 2 controller carries a future-military style colors paint indicative of the game's style.

The Titanfall 2 controller carries a future-military style colors paint indicative of the game’s style.

I won’t kid, one of my favorite surprise announcements this year came out of the Microsoft camp: custom-painted Xbox One controllers. Sure, practically all controllers do the same things, but there’s something special about using a controller that you’ve specially chosen for you based on your interests. Make no mistake though, Microsoft isn’t the only company that recognizes the appeal of custom hardware: PDP is stepping up their creation of third-party peripherals. I made a stop over by the PDP booth during E3 and checked out what they had to offer, and there’s plenty to get excited about.

On the controller front, PDP has a new line of licensed controllers for Xbox One. The new controllers are themed after Mirror’s Edge: CatalystTitanfall 2, and Battlefield 1, with color schemes that definitely catch the eye and maintain the feeling of their respective franchises. The controllers are physically modeled after the Afterglow Prismatic Controller, meaning that they’re wired and feature the six-input rocker switch pair on the underside, providing more potential macros than the Xbox One Elite Controller. I’m most thankful that they’ve decided to ditch the glossy plastic bodies they’ve used for many of their older controllers including the Prismatic Controller; each of the new controllers features a sleek, matte-finish body that adds a premium feeling to the hardware overall. For those looking for a non-game branded controller, they’ve also announced their Controller Camo model, a dark black controller with textured grips and triggers.

PDP’s also branded headsets as well, showcasing a wireless headset modeled after the one Drew wears in the upcoming game Scalebound. Available for both Xbox One/PC and PS4/PC, the Scalebound headset follows a similar build as PDP’s AG 9 wireless headset, their current high-end model, but features a shiny red paint scheme to match the protagonist’s gear. Instead of the signature blue glow Afterglow is known for, the Scalebound headset glows with a bright green. PDP is also making the official Titanfall 2 headsets; they’re making both a chat-only headset based off of their AG 1, and a stereo headset based off of their AG 5 headset. Each of these Titanfall-branded headsets come with special green/white/orange color schemes to match the franchise.

Their most premium releases on the floor were part of what they’ve branded their “Legendary Collection.” Enclosed in a large, Borderlands-style chest, the Sound of Justice headset and Deliverer of Truth controller use a slick, gunmetal color scheme with dark accents. The Deliverer of Truth includes a 10′ cable, Prismatic-style rocker switches, and ALPS thumbsticks. The Sound of Justice headset, which comes in Xbox One/PC and PS4/PC flavors, features true wireless chat and 50mm drivers, along with customizable LED lighting on the sides.

Most exciting about the PDP releases are their prices; their controllers are $39.99 – 49.99 and their highest-end headsets are $99.99. As someone who though that the $150 Xbox One Elite Controller might be for him, I spend a lot of time contemplating gaming peripherals and the way they affect the gaming experience. Now that PDP’s moving away from the glossy plastic and using really striking paint jobs on their controllers and headset, it’s a whole lot more appealing for the low-to-mid range consumer to hop on the PDP train.

They’ve got more on the way, too; a new partnership with the NFL means that sports fans will soon be able to get controllers branded with their favorite football teams (no pictures were allowed for their current NFL mockups), and they’re even venturing into backpacks with their Titanfall 2-branded backpack. Check out the gallery of our PDP photos below, and keep an eye here at GotGame for more information about their hardware as it releases.

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