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Goliath receives free expansion

by on June 21, 2016


Whalebox Studio was delighted today to release a free expansion for their title, Goliath, known as Summertime Gnarkness. This expansion expands upon the procedurally generated world, adds more weapons, new challenges, and new magolithic robotic models.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features, as presented on the official press release: 

Summertime Gnarkness Features:
– 4 new unique Goliaths! Now even more powerful, faster and crazier!

– Want to decorate your Goliaths in a special way? Epic heads of Great Heroes are at your service!

– New epic weapons for your Goliaths!

– New tough challenges for experienced robo-warriors! Raddest tournament in the history of the world of Shards!

– Brand new Dungeon of the Apocalypse! Lead the upcoming end of the world or die trying!

Are you excited to delve into the new expansion?

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