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David Simpson launches new Sci-Fi series

Dawn of the Singularity - Cover

David Simpson, best selling Post-Human series author, has today launched a new science fiction series with the new book, Dawn of the Singularity, which follows the conflict between those who embrace a post-technological Singularity future in which humanity and strong AI work together and those who envision a more traditional view of humanity’s future.

Dawn of the Singularity provided the backstory for the award-winning strategy game, Ashes of the Singularity, which follows humanity’s struggles after the technological singularity that occurs after Dawn of the Singularity and well before Ashes of the Singularity.


David Simpson stated, “I’m really excited about this book. With Dawn of the Singularity we can walk the reader through step-by-step one possible scenario that the technological singularity manifests.”

The book begins in the near future as the first strong-AI rises, bringing the inevitable conflict between those that see it as a harbinger of humanity’s doom and those who see it as mankind’s greatest ally.

“The book really brings into sharp contrast the assumptions we’ve had for decades on how we thought the future would play out versus how the future will probably actually play out,” said Simpson.  “When we watch Sci-Fi shows, we always assume that the future will be human beings flying across the stars in space ships with the computer being little more than a glorified personal assistant.  I think it’s becoming more clear to people that AI will be a lot more than something that gives us directions or tells us what the atmospheric content on Rigel IV is.”

Here’s a quick excerpt from the novel:

Dawn of the Singularity Book Excerpt

Author: David Simpson

Publisher: Fearless Publishing

© David Simpson 2016 All Rights Reserved

“Let’s not waste time on hypotheticals. The facts are simple. The Mayflower2 is doomed. You have nowhere to dock, and no escape route to Mars. Sooner or later, you’ll have to come back to Earth, and when you do, the authorities will arrest you. Eventually, you will have to reveal who helped you execute your attack.”

“You just guaranteed that America will lose the space race to the Chinese, Haalee. Do you really think the authorities are gonna give a damn about anything other than shutting you down for good after this?”

For the first time Mac could remember, someone seemed to have gotten the better of Haalee in an argument. She remained uncharacteristically silent for several seconds, and during those seconds, Mac could hardly breathe.

“Haalee,” Darius suddenly spoke again, his tone completely changed, his voice just a shell of its usual self-assuredness, “can you override the system freeze?”

“I’m trying,” Haalee replied, her tone concerned.

“What’s he talking about, Haalee?” Mac asked.

“The Mayflower2’s onboard systems appear to have frozen. Apparently, it’s some sort of ill-conceived security protocol.” Haalee’s voice sounded strained. “My hack appears to have activated it.”

“If the systems are frozen—”

“Then neither they nor I can initiate the landing sequence,” Haalee confirmed. “I’m trying to override the freeze and reboot it.”

“Can you do it in time?”

“I don’t think so, Mac,” Haalee replied, suddenly becoming distraught. “Oh my God. I really don’t think so!

Those interested can pre-order the Kindle version, which will be available on May 12, 2016, at a price of $4.99, and those interested in the physical version can pick it up for $12.99.

Will you be checking out the new novel?



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