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Review | Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code

We were given the chance to check out the final installment in the Melty blood franchise, titled Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code. How well does the fighter from Arc System Works hold up?


Melty Blood is inspired by the visual novel series known as Tsukihime, which hasn’t officially been released in North America. That said, there are English patches for those interested, as well as anime and manga adaptations.

mbacc 3

That said, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code is likely to be the first adventure into the series for many players in the West, and as such, one would expect some backstory to be present about each of the 31 characters you can choose between. Unfortunately, it falls short here, requiring gamers to either look up information online or play prior games with an English patch to learn about the roster.

The game’s story is told in Arcade mode, but it actually feels bare-bones and not really fleshed out when compared to the likes of Blazblue. You shouldn’t go into Arcade expecting any sort of elaborate cutscenes, but, without giving anything away, it can be interesting to go through each of the stories.

mbaacc 5


The gameplay itself is where Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code truly shines. This 2D fighter features some unique mechanics, such as the three different styles you can utilize for each character.

mbaacc 1

These styles, known as Full Moon, Half Moon, and Crescent Moon, change the character you choose in a variety of ways. You will have new moves, depending on your style, as well as some other mechanics, such as meter charging, counters, and charge moves.

Each of the fighters are also unique, offering a wide variety of play styles for players to experiment with, and though you may begin by simply trying to learn controls and moves, you should be able to determine what kind of style you should utilize for each one fairly quickly.

Finally, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code features the typical training mode, allowing players to test out moves and combos on a dummy. Unfortunately training is all there is, as there is no challenge or tutorial mode, which one can’t help but feel that Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code would have truly benefited on, given the game’s complexity.

mbaacc 2

The final thing to note is the online. When I attempted to play, I experienced quite a bit of lag and disconnects. The team has worked (and is still working) on improving this, however they are still present to a degree.

Visuals and sound

The sprites show some age, and honestly, not many will praise the game for the visuals. The sound and music, however, are pretty good, and players may well want to listen to several of the tracks on the OST several times over.

Final thoughts

When everything’s said and done, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code is, despite the flaws, a solid game with quite a bit to offer players. Once the online is fixed up completely, it will likely become a must buy for fans of fighting games. Those primarily seeking to play online should note that there are still some issues with that aspect, however.

mbaacc 4

Final Score: 3.75/5



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