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Root Double: Before Crime * After Days: Xtend Edition now available

by on April 28, 2016

root 3

Sekai Project was thrilled to announce that the long awaited sci-fi visual novel adventure by Yeti and Regista, Root Double: Before Crime * After Days: Xtend Edition has arrived on Steam.

The game takes place in 2030, with business proceeding as usual in the isolated research city, Rokumei. Suddenly, several explosions suddenly go off in the nuclear research facility known as “LABO”, and the city sends in “Sirius,” an elite rescue squad, to deal with the situation. Despite Sirius’s efforts, the situation only worsens as LABO’s nuclear reactor melts down and sends the facility into lockdown, trapping various survivors and members of Sirius inside.

root 1 root 2

Now lethal radiation is leaking everywhere, and, to make matters worse, there isn’t enough anti-radiation medication to last until the lockdown lifts. The survivors continue to make even more grim discoveries as they struggle to live in the deathtrap full of fire and radiation, and, if they hope to survive, they will need to learn that doubt is their greatest enemy and that trust is truly their greatest asset.

Will you be picking up this visual novel?

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