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Rogue Stormers arrives on Steam


Black Forest Games was thrilled to release their hardcore run’n’gunning, diesel-punk title, Rogue Stormers, on Steam today at a price of $19.99. Those interested in grabbing to share with friends can also pick up a two-pack for $29.99, and even a four-pack for $49.99. In addition, the first week features a 20% discount on the game.

Rogue Stormers is, “Contra on steroids. Metal Slug in hyperspeed. Hailed as ‘Rogue Legacy with guns’,” the team stated. Featuring procedurally generated levels, players will have plenty of replay value as they fight through five biomes modeled in 3D. You will need to upgrade your equipment with the randomized drops, as well as trigger environmental chain reactions (such as setting goop ablaze, detonating explosives, and launching your foes into various hazards) if you hope to survive.

rogue 2

Attendees at PAX East can check the game out in action at booth #11181.

Here are the key features, as presented on the official press release:


  • I’m So Ronery: Single player mode
  • Gun Together for Fun Together: Up to four players local/online co-op
  • All You Can Kill Buffet: 5 character classes to decide whether you feel like murdering people with fire or Goop or guns
  • Sick Arse Biomes: All generated procedurally with random placement of enemies, traps and upgrades for infinite replayability
  • German Humor: ’nuff said
  • Farting Angels And Things that Have Teeth But Shouldn’t: Deal with classic orcs, goblins, floating weapon platforms, eldritch horrors and battlegates bristling with weapons
  • Set Things on Fire: Trigger environmental chain reactions that will kill both you and your enemies, but idk, it looks cool
  • It’s So Shiny: Game world modeled in blistering 3D
  • Permanently Perky: Trick yourself out with persistent perks that accumulate through runs

Will you be picking up this new twin-stick shooter?


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