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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII receives new trailer and info


KOEI TECMO America has shared new details surrounding the in-depth battle system of their upcoming title, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, as well as a new trailer showing it off. They have also announced content bonuses for those who pre-order the game prior to its scheduled release of July 5, 2016.

Debates will be an important part of ensuring your kingdom remains well-rounded and well-supported. The conversations will present the ability to convince the lords to act and lend their support in ways that will ultimately benefit your cause.

On the other hand, duels replace words with weapons, and are executed in a turn-based fashion. Carrying these out presents bonuses for the victor, which can help you ultimately gain the upper-hand on an opponent.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII also features multiple types of battles. Naval battles have been further perfected in the newest game, allowing your army to create strategic blockades and carry out skirmishes on vast rivers.

Land battles will differ depending on your location. In the Narrow Pass battles, you will need to hold a strategic pass or create a line of defense to protect a narrow passage. Open Field battles are large-scale fights in which you can control the course of battle. Next up are the Siege battles, which can be initiated during another ongoing battle, allowing you to create a blockade around an enemy stronghold in order to capture it more effectively.

Regardless of the battle type, you should always organize in the best possible vantage points so that you can better ensure that any of your assaults unfold in your favor.

Check out the new trailers below:



Those who pre-order the title through select retailers, such as GameStop, Amazon, EB Canada, and Best Buy, will receive three bonus scenarios. The first of these is The Battle of Chibi, which features fan-favorite character Cao Cao, who has captured Jing and is preparing to assault Sun Quan’s Yang Province. The second is the Thirteen Heroes scenario, following thirteen chosen heroes who gather together to compete for control of the land. Finally is The Campaign Against Lu Bu, which features Lu Bu after successfully tricking Liu Bei to gain control of the Xu Province. Liu Bei and Cao Cao have since joined forces to reclaim the land.

This third scenario will also be available to those who purchase the game from the PlayStation Store within the first month of launch.

Are you excited for the return of Romance of the Three Kingdoms?



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