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Review | Corsair M65 Pro gaming mouse


Corsair recently gave us the chance to check out their M65 Pro, which is an updated version of the Corsair M65 RGB gaming mouse that had been specifically designed for First-Person Shooters. It makes quite a few boasts in terms of customization for FPS games and performance, but will it live up to these boasts?


m65 4

The first thing to note for left-handed PC gamers, is that this mouse is exclusively right-handed. The one that Corsair sent us also sported a sleek all-black look, although there are versions available in white, for those that prefer that.

The mouse has several small metal weights embedded in the bottom, granting it a sturdier feel. The rest of the plastic frame is light, but rigid, so the M65 Pro feels like a rather solid tool, rather than a cheap mouse.

m65 5

It sports 8 buttons, with two on the left side, just above the thumb-rest. Two other buttons are the sensitivity controls for DPI, and the next two are the conventional mouse buttons. Finally, we have the sniper button and the scroll wheel button. Each button can be programmed, and by default, the sniper button slows down the DPI while you keep it held, which does help with sniping or looking down the iron sights of one of your weapons in a FPS.

m65 2

The M65 Pro’s cord is a 6-foot long braided cable, which gives you plenty of room to work with. When plugged in, the mouse is constantly illuminated, and you can customize the lights with the Corsair Utility Engine software.

In terms of lighting, you have 16.8 million color possibilities with three different light sources on the mouse. This mostly aesthetic feature also has a useful side to it as well, with the light between the DPI buttons indicating what sensitivity level that you are sent to. With the five different sensitivity levels, I found myself checking the light faster than moving the mouse to determine which I was on.




“It all sounds nice,” you may be thinking, “but how does it hold up in-game?” The answer to this question is “Quite well, actually”. The mouse tracks nearly perfectly, going where you mean for it to go. This helps combat one of the main hardware frustration PC gamers feel; mouse losing tracking at a critical moment, magically jumping to some other location. Granted, this is typically an issue of utilizing cheaper optical mice, but even after many hours of use, the M65 did not experience any such issues.

Upon switching between a mouse pad, desk, and even couch cushion as I played on my laptop, errors were still non-existent. The extra software allows you to adjust the height at which the mouse will register signals and sensitivity, and the mouse itself allegedly automatically adjusts for various textures that you may utilize.

The main difference between the M65 Pro and the earlier M65 RGB is the higher level of sensitivity. The earlier M65 RGB has a maximum of 8,200 DPI. This new model goes up to 12,000 DPI.

The M65 Pro also features three weights in the base that can change the weight. These weights can be easily removed with a screwdriver or coin, allowing players to adjust the feel for their own needs, but personally, I did not feel a reason to change it. The mouse is quite a bit heavier than a conventional mouse, but the weight actually worked in its favor for my needs.

There is a bit of a learning curve for gamers to really get the most out of the added features. For instance, the sniper button is quite useful, although mastering the transition can take time.

m65 3

The scroll wheel, which many may have low expectations for, actually allows you to scroll through menus quickly and accurately, with only minor and predictable adjustments. Many mice wheels tend, in this reviewer’s experience, to either go through these menus too quickly or two slowly, but the M65 Pro feels spot on most of the time.

Though specifically designed for FPS titles, the Corsair M65 Pro is useful for a variety of genres, thanks to the button responsiveness and nearly perfect tracking that the mouse offers.


The Corsair M65 Pro works right out of the box, but those who want more customization will need to download the Corsair Utility Engine software. Many gamers may not need this, but it allows you to personalize button layouts and manipulate the color schemes your mouse utilizes.

m65 6

The software will require some trial and error in most cases, however, giving it a bit of a learning curve. Even with this curve, the variety of customization options that the software offers can definitely be a boon, particularly for those who swap between multiple genres.

One thing to note is that with previous versions of the M65 RGB mouse, some users complained about bugs with the lights, as well as spontaneous software resets. That said, I did not experience either.  It is possible that the bugs will resurface with more customization options being utilized, however.

Final thoughts

Overall, the M65 Pro gaming mouse meets expectations for FPS games and goes above and beyond for others. Having tested it in a variety of titles, including League of Legends and Bioshock, I can say that the mouse certainly lives up to its claims.

Those looking for some nice lighting features and an error-free, responsive, easy to grasp, right-handed mouse should be pleased with the Corsair M65 Pro.

Final Score: 4.25/5


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