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access_time April 6, 2016 at 8:45 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Dirty Bomb receives biggest update of the year

Splash Damage’s free-to-play shooter, Dirty Bomb, has today received the biggest update of the year so far, known as the “Rogue en Vogue” update. This new update provides new content, including the new Merc Aimee, who comes equipped with an array of sniper rifles and SNITCH Device, which can spot and weaken enemies.


In addition, a new player-driven in-game event has gone live, allowing players the change at Limited Edition Loadout Cards, Trinkets, and more. During this event, which takes place over five weeks, players will need to help Aimee hack into the MercSERV database in order to uncover who assassinated her client, Max Bashki.

Each week, four different Mercs will be designated as Suspects and put into free rotation for all players to access. The one taken in Squads the most will be listed as a “Prime Suspect,” with all four “Prime Suspects’ placed into the final rotation during the fifth week. During this final week, the Culprit will be the Merc that was most taken into the Squads.

Rogue en Vogue also introduces Decryption Cycles, a limited-time event currency that can be earned by playing in matches, completing special missions, and purchased with credits. These can then be used to unlock different items, such as the Culprit Case, which can be opened upon the event’s end and contains an exclusive Loadout Card with a Limited Edition skin for the Culprit. Players can also obtain the Suspect Equipment Cases, giving players the chance to obtain Limited Edition Suspect Loadout Cards for Mercs on rotation each week, as well as three unique Weapon Trinkets depicting levels of MerSERV security.

dirty bomb

As players complete matches, they have a chance to earn a Suspect Event Case, which guarantees a Limited Edition Suspect Loadout Card. Drop chances can be increased by using your Cycles to purchase Drop Boosters.

Here are some more details on the items, as presented on the official press release:

In addition to items purchasable with Cycles through gameplay, this update brings some new Cash Shop additions only available for the event:

  • Suspect Elite Cases ($ 4.99): These give players a greater chance of receiving Suspect Loadout Cards for one of the four Mercs on rotation each week, as well as increased drop rates for Silver and higher tier Loadout Cards

Day one deals will also be available each week. Players who purchase a bundle of five ($ 19.99) Suspect Elite Cases will receive one guaranteed Suspect Event Case, and those who buy a bundle of ten ($ 34.99) will receive two guaranteed Suspect Event Cases as a bonus

  • Skullsplitter Trinket ($4.99): As well as acting as a grim reminder of Aimee’s ex-client, this Trinket gives players a Cycle earn rate bonus for the duration of the event as well as a permanent special animation in the kill obituaries.
  • Vengeance Obsidian Pack ($ 14.99): The new Merc Aimee will be available bundled with the Obsidian Culprit Case, which unlocks one of Dirty Bomb’s most exclusive tier of Obsidian cards and skins for the Culprit after the event ends.

Are you excited for the update?


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