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access_time April 5, 2016 at 9:34 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Sorcery! Part 3: The Seven Serpents now available

Inkle was excited to continue the adventure of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! with the PC and Mac release of Sorcery! Part 3: The Seven Serpents today. 

The game features an open world in two distinct time periods, giving plenty of story to discover in each playthrough. With thousands of branching paths, Sorcery! Part 3 features a high replay value, and is on sale for 25% off through April 12, so players interested can pick up the game for $7.49 instead of the regular $9.99.

Here is a quick “About”, as presented on the official press release:

About Sorcery! Part 3: The Seven Serpents
Spun off from the popular gamebooks of the 1980s, Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! is a narrative game with a massively branching, choice-driven storyline. With the city of Kharé at your back and the sacred Crown of Kings driving you forward, Sorcery! Part 3: The Seven Serpents provides the toughest challenge yet as you attempt to cross the cruel, cursed wasteland of Kakhabad.

Inspired by <strong>inkle</strong>’s globe-trotting adventure <em>80 Days, Sorcery! Part 3</em> is a non-linear game that lets players plot a unique path across two gorgeous 3D maps and shape the narrative with every decision made. With rations dwindling and seven deadly serpents stalking you through a barren desert, only the most resourceful heroes will survive. And with no set path to follow and time itself rippling like a flag on the wind, your quest could lead you around in circles — or a thousand years into the past.

In this highly flexible interactive narrative, every choice comes at a price and many will impact<em> Sorcery!’s</em> climactic final chapter… that is, if you survive to reach it. A standalone download (not DLC), <em>Sorcery! Part 3</em> can be enjoyed fresh or as a continuation of previous <em>Sorcery!</em> installments, with cross-platform cloud saves enabling the consequences of your past choices to be woven into the story.

Will you be picking up the third part of this series?



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