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Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Available Now!

by on March 30, 2016


Square-Enix announced only a couple hours ago that there would be a new free demo for Final Fantasy XV, titled Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV. Unlike Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, which was a part of the main story, Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV is actually an exclusive story that takes place during Noctis’ childhood. Using much more playful weapons and magic, such as squeaky hammers and fireworks, players will get a sense of the combat for Final Fantasy XV in a style much closer to say that of Kingdom Hearts.


A special mechanic for this game was added, giving the ability to transform into and control various monsters and vehicles in the game. Players will also seemingly shrink down to the size of a toy and be able to navigate a child’s playroom. The game also gives Noctis a magical guide in the form of classic summon Carbuncle. As a special gift, players that finish the demo will receive Carbuncle for the full game, and they’ll even be able to name it whatever they wish. We’ll be sure to have impressions and a review available once we make our way through the demo.

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