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Mekazoo receives new gameplay trailer

by on March 23, 2016

Mekazoo_LogoGood Mood Creators was today excited to reveal a new Mekazoo gameplay trailer showing off the 2.5D platformer in the fully 3D world with its fast-flowing gameplay, fluid control dynamics, and the cast of kinetically-diverse Mekanimals. This trailer, which you can view below, also shows off one of the imposing bosses the Mekanimals will need to face when they begin their adventure in Summer 2016 on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One. A Wii U release will follow shortly after.

The game’s world can be explored either via single player or a co-op campaign. It has been inspired by classic platformers, and the developers have done their best to create a new, creative, unique, and fun gameplay experience.

There are five playable characters, with each one bestowing unique abilities. These characters, Armadillo, Frot, Wallaby, Pelican, and Panda, will need to overcome the puzzling obstacles you may face as you are challenged to select the correct Mekanimal to conquer each challenge. With over 30 levels, polished graphis, and a jazzy soundtrack, Mekazoo pays homage to the classic platformers of the ’90s.

Does this seem like a title you’ll be picking up?

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