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access_time March 11, 2016 at 7:41 PM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

Albion Online receives death mechanic overhaul in upcoming update

With the Albion Online content update known as Cador quickly approaching, Sandbox Interactive has revealed more features and improvements that will be accompanying it. Some of these include an overhaul of the death mechanic, the introduction of mobile repair kits, and even a different display of loot and fame bonuses.You can check out the official blog post here.

First up is the death mechanic. Sandbox Interactive aims to completely revamp the character death mechanics, As a result, both PvE and PvP fights should be more interesting strategically. Instead of being killed instantly and respawning in a city, the update is set to introduce a forced knock down phase when the player loses all of his or her hit points.

Once knocked down, the player cannot do anything until their hit points regenerate. This allows players in a group to revive each other with a resurrection spell. If a knocked down player is executed, however, their gear can be taken by their opponents.

albion 1

Second is the new item known as the “Repair Kit”. This item, which will be introduced in the Cador update, can be used as a mobile repair station for your gear, providing it is the same tier or lower than the rapair kit you possess. This new item has a limited lifetime and repairs cost more utilizing it when compared to the regular repair stations.

albion 2

Finally, Albion Online will be receiving a modification in the amount of fame gains and loot drops, depending on the zones that the player travels to. This challenges players to accurately balance risk and reward, as less dangerous zones yield fewer bonuses. When Cador arrives, to help make the fame and loot bonus display more visible, the total value will be shown first and show detailed information about which bonuses are active in parentheses.

albion 3

What are your thoughts about these new revelations?


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