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Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries expansion is now available

Stardock recently released the first expansion to the popular space strategy game, Galactic Civilizations III. This expansion, known as Mercenaries, adds in several features, including a new campaign, Galactic Bazaars, new races, new ship parts, and the ability to recruit elite units with special abilities.

The new Galactic Bazaars feature mercenaries that can be hired to help you expand across the galaxy, and each map features new multiple Bazaars to discover.

Paul Boyer, Lead Designer of Galactic Civilizations III, stated, “Once they’re gone, they’re gone. When a mercenary is hired by a civilization in a game, it is no longer available to the others. You will need to act quickly and choose wisely in order to get the best mercenaries and leave your enemies without.”

In terms of factions, players can look forward to the Arcean faction as well as a favorite from Galactic Civilizations II, the Torians. The Arceans are an ancient, honorable warrior race, while the Torians are an aquatic species that are seeking to escape the slavery of the cruel Drengin. Each features new traits, abilities, and tech trees.

The campaign of Mercenaries centers around the Torians, who are a peaceful race that have long been enslaved and farmed for their meat by the Drengin. They will need the player’s help to discover mercenaries and hire them in order to escape the cruel race, rebuilding their civilization while staying out of the Drengin’s reach.

Finally, Stardock has released the free v1.6 update to the base game, which includes several improvements, such as AI improvements, visual updates, and balance improvements.

Will you help liberate the Torians?


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