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access_time January 28, 2016 at 8:35 PM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

Hero Forces launches for mobile devices

Playcube today announced that their new player-versus-player shooting game, Hero Forces, has officially launched for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Players will be placed into a world as members of an elite task force who must take on terrorists and mercenaries from across the globe, as well as challenge rivals for supremacy in real-time PvP matches. Check out the game’s launch trailer below:


As you can see above, you’ll need to move between various cover points while in third-person, then aim and fire at your foes in first-person. As you play through the Campaign mode, you will progress through a series of scenarios set across four chapters in which you need to eliminate your foes and achieve various objectives. As you proceed, you can level up and purchase new gear, as well as boost your weapons and armor as you take on the evil organization known as D.O.O.M. After all, in this free-to-play game, you can customize and upgrade nearly everything in the game, as well as recruit heroes and equip them with advanced weapons and armor. 

campaign mode-2

In addition, Hero Forces features a Survival mode as you will need to live as long as you can in a variety of environments, such as rain forests, cities, and deserts.

campaign mode-4

Some Wan, Executive Procedure of the game, stated, “Hero Forces puts players right in the middle of non-stop, action movie-style battles they can pick up and play at any time on their mobile device. With over 75 levels and thrilling Single Player, Co-op and PvP modes, players can blast away with weapons including guns, RPGs and sniper rifles to take out enemies, win PvP matches and level up to become a true H.E.R.O. of the free world.”

Combat gameplay

Playcube is also planning to continue supporting Hero Forces post-launch with various updates, such as a new fifth chapter, 2 extra levels for Co-op mode, and more in-game content.


Are you interested in this new free-to-play title?





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