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Review | Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China was a pleasant surprise. For a smaller AC title, it was enjoyable to play the 2.5D style. Sure, I probably would’ve rather seen China in a full 3D game, but it showed that a different style could still be great to play.


I2Now, we have Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India in the same 2.5D style. While it seems to hit all the points the last title did, it felt like the charm was missing some for me. Maybe it was the location, but I never did find myself as engrossed as I did with China.


This time, players control Arbaaz Mir, who has stolen the Koh-i-Noor diamond, another Piece of Eden. While the Templars try to recover the relic, the narrative never seems to be at the front as you take on puzzles in areas and find ways to avoid combat and silently take out enemies.


As far as gameplay goes, levels offer very little freedom to explore. There are some sections that offer a bit of a split, or offer different ways to get through an area, but the point you’ll end at is the same. Thankfully, the stealth in the game works well, so if you mess up an area, you can quickly learn what you did wrong and what to fix moving forward.


I3And the game can be punishing in some spots. It punishes fighting with a limited health bar and enemies that will take you out in a few hits, and never really gives you a lot of tools to take enemies on with. If you like the combat in titles like AC: Syndicate, you may want to check out other entries in the series.


One issue the game does face is repetition. There are a limited number of enemies to face, and some interiors start looking the same when you aren’t outside seeing the different locations. When you trick generic henchman No. 332, you don’t feel like a great assassin, but someone who has just memorized a simple pattern.


Besides the main mode, there are New Game Plus and Plus Hard to go through, along with six challenge rooms to take on in the quickest time possible. They don’t add a lot extra, but it can add for some extra entertainment and challenge after the main story.


A big draw to India is the art style. The game looks great, with landscapes that look like you could find stills in a museum. Much like China, art is a key point and makes taking some time to see the different parts of the world worthwhile.


Final Thoughts:

Unless playing in India really interests you, you may have already experienced the same gameplay if you checked out the last entry in the Chronicles series. There’s nothing wrong with the game, but nothing really is outstanding either. It’s an alright experience, and will tide you over for a few hours, especially if another title in the series isn’t coming until next year.


Final Score: 3.25


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