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#IDARB receives massive update

A massive update for #IDARB was recently released on Xbox One,featuring a host of improvements and brand new features. This update from Other Ocean coincides with the launch of the Masters of the Universe add-on pack.

#IDARB creator and head of Other Ocean, Mike Mika, stated, “This update was a year in the making. We’re really excited to get all this new stuff out to the #IDARB fans, who admittedly, we’ve been starving this whole time. And there will be more coming soon.”

Here are the full details on the update and add-on, as presented on the official press release:


New levels!

  • “Team Breakfast”  and  “Moustache Cops Versus Cthulhu in Space” 

New Mode and mini-games!

  • Halftime Olympic mode – compete in your own customized mini-game marathon! 
  • New halftime mini-games; “Hoppy Street”, “Photon Bikes” and “Boom Chamber”


  • Improved matchmaking and latency.
  • AI Teammates now available in local matches.
  • Kinect Voice Hashbombs added.
  • Added Trading Post – Unlocks achievement that required Kinect on previous release.
  • Tracking 3,5,15 point shots
  • “Downtown” Shot for 10 points recognized.
  • Majestic Eagle recognized for 15 points. (Honoring @cheezgamer92)
  • Added Song Sequencer (Honoring @adriancajili) 
  • Ability to rename Songs.
  • Added loading screen(s).
  • Option to turn crowns on and off for winningest local team.
  • Option to enable alternating goals between rounds.
  • Tears upgraded. (Aim your tears!)


  • Flags on VS. screen for online games.
  • Hashbombs are off during transitions and selection screens.
  • Added vibration to penalty zone.
  • Smartcasting – Backdrop and PIP gameplay screen with action logic. 
  • Twitter crawl crash bug fixed.
  • Ball cursor is now a personal setting – not overridden by host in online games.
  • Rage quits tracked per team.
  • Half Time wins tracked per team. 
  • Added Bouncy Floors – Also resets double jump when encountered.
  • Rage Quits under 10 seconds are not counted – implemented “Missed Connection.”
  • New credits sequence to accommodate continued contributions.
  • Grammar and spelling corrections to recipes and in-game text.
  • Japanese font now supported by the text crawl.
  • Additional teams added and a new system created to prevent stomping of user generated teams.
  • Tug of war – added grunts, sounds, and reduced the goal line distance.
  • Boo hashbomb revisited.
  • Ball no longer warps out of the top of map. Hopefully doesn’t freak out in other ways!
  • Added 37 new lines of VO.
  • Added New Logos to the ad loop. We made more friends!
  • Infinite fizz bug should be finally eliminated. This should also address 3rd party controller issues. 
  • Behind goal paint and goal color drawing updated to support quarterly side-switching.
  • Fixed bug where practice play with one player existed but halftime wouldn’t activate.
  • Fixed transition from menu to local play start game.
  • Added street lingo titles to team make-up on team selector. (Via Charla)
  • Re-organized the team on-boarding to allow for future AI co-op and competitive modes.
  • Timed characters to the beat on the main menu for our OCD friends.
  • You can now make TEMPO stop in Song Editor when you press Y.
  • Versus screen for online now has drop-shadows to separate characters from the backdrop.
  • Fixed character select bug on locked teams.
  • Added character highlight box, which only comes up now but will have a future purpose.
  • Fixed the Dead Presidents team song.
  • Fixed the On-line Wins/Losses team tracker.
  • Music now plays on the team viewer.
  • Reformatted Team Stats – Now displays Rage quits and Halftime victories.
  • Endorsements added.
  • Penalty reminders in round breaks.
  • If all players are in the penalty box after a round, they are all released in the next round.
  • Pressing left or right trigger will dim the screen in the tools to help with cell phone photos of QR codes not scanning in easily.
  • Added arena titles for future updates.
  • Added crowds at the edges of the playfield.
  • Corrected AI intelligence scale
  • Goal Sign colors represent current goal team 

Masters of the Universe® includes:

  • 2 New Arenas with unique play modes:
    • Grab the Power Sword in the Castle Greyskull arena,
    • Evade Skeletor’s fiery wrath in the Snake Mountain arena
  • 2 Exclusive Half-time mini-games!
    • Rev up your engines for classic “He-Karts” racing
    • Prove your prowess in Orko’s “He-Math” challenge!
  • 2 New Teams! He-Man’s Heroes and Skeletor’s Villains! 
  • Custom “Masters of the Universe” Hashbombs

What do you think of this huge update?


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