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KOEI TECMO shares new screens and information for Nights of Azure

KOEI TECMO America recently showed off new images and information for the new role-playing game from GUST studios, Nights of Azure.

This title, scheduled to arrive on March 29, 2016  for the PlayStation 4, places you in control of Arnice, a member of the knightly order known as “Curia”. You are tasked with protecting humanity from azure-blooded demons that surface during the night.

The protagonist has a very active role in the game’s real-time battle system, unlike previous GUST games. Arnice will take on enemies with a variety of weapons, ranging from a regular sword to a long-range gun featuring healing abilities. She will gradually gain proficiency with each of the five types of weapons as she battles.


Arnice won’t be alone in her quest, however. Instead, there will be a colorful cast of characters around her as she attempts to complete her quest. Three of the key human non-playable characters that frequent the hotel she uses as a base include the hotel manager with a strange connection to Curia, Simon, a shady doctor who is always attempting to provoke Arnice, Professor Alucard, and a scavenger and merchant that trades at the hotel cafe, Lloyd. In addition, she also regularly visits the art museum to see an elder knight of the Curia known as Corinne, who often offers her valuable advice.

The kingdom of Ruswal is also home to strange beings, such as Christophorus, a pure-blooded, mask-wearing demon who dwells in the Opera House that shows up to give Arnice advice at seemingly random moments. Another pure-blooded demon that poses no threat to humans is both fashionable and fascinating. This demon, known as Mistral, lives at the Palace and, by all appearances, has abandoned her quest of finding the soul of the demon overlord, Nightlord.


Check out the official game description, courtesy of the press release:

About Nights of Azure

Under the direction of Keisuke Kikuchi (Fatal Frame, Deception IV), Nights of Azure marks a new, darker direction for GUST while maintaining many of the gameplay elements adored by dedicated fans of the studio. Nights of Azure is a tragic tale of two friends faced with impossible decisions that will test their loyalty to their quest and to each other.

In the kingdom of Ruswal, very few people leave their homes after nightfall, let alone have the strength and skill to take on the powerful monsters that plague the island. One of the best among these brave few is the protagonist, Arnice, a knight of great skill and power, who is assisted by her friend and priestess Lilysse in a quest to rid the land of demons. However, they soon find out that the solution to the island’s problems might not be as simple as defeating enemies in battle.


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