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First major content update for Albion Online launches

by on December 9, 2015


Sandbox Interactive today revealed that, after Albion Online’s successful start of the Closed Beta two weeks ago, they have launched the first major content update for the game, known as Aurelius. This update brings new PvE content and additional interface features, as well as numerous quality improvements based on player feedback.

The PvE content has been expanded as they have added in three new Keeper-themed dungeon types spread in 23 variations throughout the world of Albion. Players will fight against three new lethal bosses and three new mob types. In addition, 10 additional spells and abilities have been added, spread across different weapons and thus granting more tactical variety.

In addition, the update delivered some Quality of Life improvements, such as the much requested feature to use different chat channels, the ability to force the character to move to a certain location by right-clicking, thus preventing accidental harvesting or looting in combat, and the ability to see if the player is in combat by looking at the character portrait. Finally, players receive better visibility once spells become ready again.

You can check out the official developer blog post here for more details.

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