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Sandbox Interactive shares video detailing Albion Online’s classless combat system

albion online

Albion Online has less than a week left before it enters Closed Beta, and Sandbox Interactive has decided to share a new video explaining one of the game’s most unique features, known as the classless combat system. Check out this video below:

In this classless system, the role that each character plays in combat is determined completely by the items that they wear. With armor, you can choose both the materials (leather, cloth, and plate) and the weight (light, medium, and heavy) that go with each kind.

Light armor provides characters enhanced abilities, but less protection, which makes it suited for the play style of assassins, allowing them to dish out more damage as they avoid being hit.

Heavy armor, on the other hand, is more suited for the tank who wants to disrupt enemy lines, providing better defense, but less strength to the character.

Weapons have also been changed to have unique characteristics. A hammer, for example, is disruptive, and can stop spell casters in their tracks. An axe simply deals massive damage, and so on. Players are completely free to mix and match these various items as they create their perfect warrior.


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