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Review Rocket League

With its latest major update just releasing recently, now seems as good a time as any toreview to Rocket League. At its core the gameplay is very simple: like soccer, you have to get the ball into the goal. What makes this game so fun and intense is the unexpected addition of your character: a car.

The cars are fun, they all basically perform the same with all very similar stats, so at this point choosing one is a purely asthetic choice. While playing the game you’ll unlock new car models along with decals, hats, and lil’ antennae-bobbly-things. That being said, there are a few cheap pieces of downloadable content with special car models, but it is by no means a pay-to-win situation.

The core gameplay is what makes Rocket League so fun: on its surface it’s easy, and the matches are quick, no more than five minutes. Still, it can be really intense, fast-paced, and the most fun five minutes you will have in your entire day. It’s easy to pick up and play: the tutorials give you the basics, but I recommend just jumping in head first and having a go at it. One of the major updates that dropped a few weeks ago included allowing ranked matches, creating a rather interesting eSports angle.

The graphics are crisp and clean, and the stadiums you play in are fully detailed but cute; instead of models of real people in the stands, they use obscured, balloon-like characters. Car burnouts have fun flair effects you can add to them, and the sound design is top notch with one minor exception: the ingame soundtrack is noticeably absent. Even though the menu has some great music, it’s missing from the main game; in a recent Reddit AMA, however, they recommended listening to the soundtrack on Spotify while playing the game to get the full effect.

One of the great things about the new update is the host of interesting random features it brings in to the game, keeping the gameplay fun and fresh. One of the new modes I played has a square “ball” which creates interesting bounce physics and makes the ball come to rest more often on the field, leading to some unanticipated trajectory arcs. Another mode is “pinball” with a small ball and super volatile bounce physics, leading to lower scoring games but much more spectacular goals and gameplay. Psyonix is giving people what they want with this update, new ways to play the same great game, and somehow even more fun.

I have nothing really bad to say about this game and there is no reason not to play this and it’s easily worth the price of admission. Rocket League may be the most fun game I’ve played this year, and should be a serious contender for Game of the Year just in terms of the sheer enjoyment you get from it. I honestly haven’t had this much fun in years


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