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Sound of Drop: Fall into Poison now available

sound of drop

A new up-and-coming licenser and publisher of Japanese media and electronic entertainment, Sekai Project, recently unleashed AiueoKompany’s horror and mystery themed visual novel, Sound of Drop: Fall into Poison, on PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam. This title is also enjoying a limited time 20% discount.

The game places you within the Manten Aquarium, a place filled with amazing underwater exhibits and majestic creatures from the ocean’s depths. Mayumi Nakanobe would like nothing better than to forget her history with the aquarium, as more than five years ago her little sister, Mari, mysteriously vanished from there during a family visit.

Things won’t be easy, however, as her best friend and classmate, Himeno Tamagawa, drags her back to the aquarium, determined to explore it on the night of a full moon to discover if there is any truth at all to the many blood-curdling urban legends and mysteries that have been surfacing over the past several years. As the two begin exploring and Mayumi attempts to suppress her memories of the place, she sees her sister, Mari, and quickly chases after her.

As you explore the Manten Aquarium, you’ll need to keep one main thing in mind: Things are not what they appear. Taking on the role of Mayumi, you are forced into a labyrinth of underwater nightmares, packed with life or death choices.

AiueoKompany has added in two new “True End” scenarios for this Steam release of the game, as well as quite a few “Bad End” scenarios. These new scenarios bring the former total up to 4 and the latter up to 27. In addition, the company has polished the artwork and scenarios, adding in new event CGs, new scenes, new background music, Steam Trading Cards, and even a new character to the story.

Will Mayumi be able to survive the night, or will the rumors and urban legends prove to be factual and cause her demise?


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