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Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars receives major update

hero sky

InnoSpark recently released a major update for their mobile strategy game Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars. This update introduces two new powerful Troops,  the Witch and the Aether Jelly.Both posses distinctive attack skills and both can be trained utilizing a new rare resource known as Aether, and you’ll need to use both, as well as the other Troops in the game, if you have any hope of defeating Hades and his Troops in their home, the Underworld.

In addition to these new Troops, InnoSpark has added in 20 new Heroes to the game’s cast of legendary Heroes. You can bring the new Heroes and Troops into the second portal in Hell’s Gate, known as Hades’ Realm Conquest, to attempt to bring them into their full capacity and obtain the precious resource Aethers as well. Check out the official update trailer below:

InnoSpark has also announced that the Guild Wars feature has also been improved as they introduced new Guardian Heroes that can help protect the Guild Fort from invaders. Using the Guardian Hero and various Troops in your Guild Halls, you’ll be able to fight back against enemy attacks.

They have also announced a variety of improvements that they feel will extend and expand both the appeal and longevity of the game. Some of these improvements include greater rewards for users and a few features that are aimed towards helping new players catch up with the more experienced ones. They are giving away update gift baskets to their players in celebration of the new update, which includes a chance to try out the Five Star Hero, Thor-the-Holy, for 24 hours, as well as 77 gems and a coupon for 24 hour traps auto-refill, a new feature.

Jae Chan Shin, CEO of InnoSpart, commented on the update, stating, “We have listened to our users and taken our time to release this major update for Hero Sky. The new features will allow players to enjoy battles with diverse strategies, providing enhanced player experience. In this update we have also sought to refine and improve all aspects of the game based on user feedback. We hope we have achieved this and that our fans will enjoy these new additions to Hero Sky.”


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