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access_time September 16, 2015 at 3:30 PM in Features by Adam Larck

Vuzix carving own niche in virtual headset market


While companies like Sony, Valve and Oculus are trying to find their place in the VR headset world and continue to fine tune their products, Vuzix has its niche in video headphones.

Vuzix, who has been making smartglasses, video headphones and more products for 20 years, already has 41 patents in the field, with 10 more pending. Their latest iWear product will soon hit the gaming market, bringing with it a 16:9 HD display, head tracking technology and the ability to hook up any console, PC, phone or tablet to the device.

“We were the first VR company to get support from Electronic Arts, Bullfrog, Id Software, Looking Glass Entertainment and Epic,” a representative for the company said.

The iWear’s design doesn’t sit on the user’s nose. Instead, it straps around the head with headphones helping support the little weight the device does have. The optics inside also don’t need to be adjusted before first use, they just work out of the box.

As for gaming, the company has had its foot in the door for a while.

” Vuzix gets gaming.,” the rep said. “We’ve helped launch Maximum PC and get hardware reviews inside PC Gamer. We launched the Athlon for AMD, as well as seeded the Imgaeon graphics chip into PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo gaming consoles. We’re working with over 120 gaming companies, from the guys that make triple AAA tiles to the indie developers with OSVR. We’re working with the Hollywood film companies as well as the companies that make game engines such as Unity, Epic and Crytek. We’re working with Microsoft and other key technology partners.”

For gamers interested in the iWear, it will be simple to connect your devices. All it will take is a USB cord, so how far away you can sit from your console or PC depends on the cord length.

Besides being great for surround sound gaming, the iWear is also great for shows and currently has business applications for the medical fields, research fields and the space program.

The iWear can be pre-ordered for $449 here. However, only a $100 deposit is needed to reserve a headset.


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