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Zeroes arrives on Google Play today

zeroes 1

Petr Marek today released his second game, known as Zeroes. This is a math-based puzzle game for Android devices that is completely free for gamers to play without having to worry about microtransactions.

In Zeroes, you have a simple goal, which is to place blocks with mathematical operations between dots with numbers to calculate a zero in every dot. To successfully do so, you will need to combine the blocks as you play through the game’s 60 different levels.

zeroes 3

These levels are divided among three worlds, each with its own colors. Each world also adds in new game mechanics; The first world will have you simply adding and subtracting. The second throws multiplication and division into the mix, and the third adds in diagonal blocks. Petr went on to explain that the next update will add in a fourth world containing roots and powers.

Speaking about why he chose to create a game like this, Petr stated, “I always try to create games that have meaning. I believe that mathematics is beautiful and fun. I’d like to show you [this] through the game. Mathematics isn’t the monster which you remember from school. Mathematics is beautiful, when you can play with it and try different approaches with instant response and without fear of failure. Discover beautiful and fun math!”

zeroes 2

He went on to explain that he had the idea for a different game in the past. It would have been a detective game in which you would need to interlink important points, but he had to shelve this idea because, as he stated, “I’m not very good [with] graphics and [the] creation of graphics was beyond my skills.”

This didn’t stop him, however. “I went back to the idea last August,” Petr continued. “I’ve simplified the game, left [the] detective theme and I decided to create abstract graphics. Development continued with pauses during semesters until this summer. The game was made mostly on holidays, weekends and evenings.”

You can check out the launch and game trailers below:


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