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What I Would Like From Nintendo Under New CEO Tatsumi Kimishima


Two months after the passing of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo has presented its fifth president of the corporation: Tatsumi Kimishima. Although not Iwata’s first choice as successor, Kimishma has plenty of experiences with Nintendo, being the president of Nintendo of America from 2002-2006 and Chief Financial Officer of The Pokemon Company among other positions listed in a pdf file released by Nintendo. Even though it may be temporary, as it’s been stated he would only be president for a year, there are some things I would like Kimishima to do during his time, laying down the foundation for the company to work on in the future.


Stop treating average YouTubers like trash:

Seriously, I get you want to protect your IPs and copyrights, but going around making Content ID claims of your fans’ YouTube videos while making copyright claims on TAS speedrun videos and Rom hacks are making you look like bad guys here. While yes, your Nintendo Creator Program is a nice, and Nintendo-ish, solution to a needless problem, it does not change the fact that your stance on YouTube has pushed many top YouTubers like PewDiePie and AngryJoe away from even tweeting your products. Please Mr. Kimishima, lighten Nintendo’s stand on YouTube and let your fans talk about your game without the thought of being punished for it.

More love for North America:

I get that as a Japanese company Nintendo’s first priority will always be Japan. But as a former preside of NoA you should know first hand at how hungry us American gamers are for the games never released outside of Japan Mr. Kimishima. Heck, your fans started a huge internet campaign to localize Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower to the US market. All I’m say is take some more risk localizing some cool games over here that’s not another Mario or Pokemon game.

Also, talk to some of the Western game publishers about publishing more games on the Wii U and 3DS. Many of us would love to see EA, WB Games, 2K, Activision, Ubisoft, and more release more mature games for your consoles. I mean there should be no reason that this point for the Xbox 360 & the PS3 getting more games released for them then the Wii U.

And before someone in the comments say that Europe needs some loving too, yes you are right. But at least you did not have to beg to get 3 kick-ass RPGs to your market like we did.


Stop the store-exclusive Amiibo BS:

Speaking of North America, why is it that we have to deal with store-exclusive Amiibos while Japan and Europe do not? Do you not realize how tiresome and tedious it is to go from store after store so early in the morning just to find that one Amiibo you want? Heck, the nearest Target to me (which has the rights to Jigglypuff, Rosalina and Dr.Mario) is a 30-minute car ride away from me, and that’s if the traffic is even half-decent. Online ordering is not always possible either. Granted, the stores are getting better with their exclusive Amiibos with each passing wave, but there’s honestly no good reason for this to happen in North America when Japan and Europe do no such thing.

Do not focus too much on smartphones:

Yes, the upcoming Pokemon Go is looking sweet on smartphones, and everyone is getting excited for it, but do not forget that you have the 3DS, after all it is your bread and butter. Plus, the physical controls on the 3DS is way better than a touch screen for games like Mario and Zelda.

More creative games, like Splatoon

Do I even need to say why? Splatoon is awesome, and Nintendo needs to take more risks like this when making new IPs for the future!

Finally: do not make the NX diskless:

Seriously, console gamers are not ready for an all-digital gaming system. Sony tried that with the PSPgo and it failed pretty badly. Also, games are becoming bigger and bigger; even the 500 GB hard drives on the Xbox One and PS4 are becoming useless quickly. If you are still thinking of a disk-less NX, please at least consider a model that features a disc drive.

So, what do you think? Agree with me on what Tatsumi Kimishima should do as Nintendo’s new CEO? Think I missed something on this list? Then let me know in the comments below.



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