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access_time September 6, 2015 at 3:17 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Creative Assembly shows off dwarfs in Total War: WARHAMMER in-engine trailer


Creative Assembly recently confirmed that High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer broods deep beneath the World’s Edge Mountains. He sits in the throne room of the Dwarfen capital known as Karaz-A-Karak, poring endlessly over the Great Book of Grudges, the Dammaz Kron, as he dreams of vengeance for the countless betrayals and treacheries that have been committed against his people.

It seems that an opportunity to settle an old score may just be presenting itself to High King Grudgebearer.

In celebration of this possible opportunity, Creative Assembly has unveiled a new trailer utilizing in-engine models and animations to introduce another of the four playable races in Total War: WARHAMMER the Dwarfs:

The Dwarfs are great miners and smiths, capable of crafting some of the finest arms and armament in the Old World. They march to battle in ornate, yet rugged, armour and utilize a devastating array of black-powder weapons and artillery to conquer their foes.

When they are in dire need, they can utilize the gyrocopters of the Everpeak Aircorps to help right old wrongs by launching skyward and raining explosive devastation upon their foolish foes.

Total War: WARHAMMER will also mark the first time in the Total War series that players will be able to experience underground battlefields, complete with the horrors of the dark and wonders of the deep.

Will the mighty High King Grudgebearer successfully get vengeance?


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