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Review | Mega Man Legacy Collection


Mega Man Legacy Collection is an odd title for me, at least in name.

MM2After Mega Man Anniversary Collection featured the first eight games, plus Power Battle and Power Fighters, I figured the Legacy Collection would feature the same, plus the two latest digital titles at least.

Instead, it has the six original NES games, a challenge mode and a few other goodies for series fans but … that’s all. No X series, no Z series, no Battle Network series (a longshot, I know, but it would’ve been great).

Each of the six original games comes with an original ratio, wide ratio and full ratio, a few visual filters for a taste of nostalgia and that’s about it. I’m not going to review the six titles, because they’re the exact same as what you’ve played before. If you know what Mega Man is, you know what to expect here. And when I say exact same, I mean it, right down to the slowdown that occasionally happens to the choppy visuals from time to time. Heck, even the glitches still work that players have come to know.

MM3What I will focus on is some of the extras. The biggest new one is 50 challenges, such as beating levels and enemies in a certain time limit. It also has remixed stages, which are small obstacle course type levels that are randomly put together (and yes, the beam section is included here, so be prepared). Remixes also jump to different games later on, so you may need the slide in one area before the charge shot is key in the next.

Of course, this mode would not be nearly as exciting without leaderboards, but there is full support to see how you compare against friends and the world.

The database has a ton to peruse. It has artwork and concept art for all enemies. While it’s all been seen before in other Mega Man collector’s books, it’s a nice compilation of information here.

MM4The music player the game has is also great to put on in the background. It has all the original tracks from the first six games, and plenty of great tunes to cycle through while working or relaxing.

One new feature I liked is the Robot Master practice. You can select any Robot Master from the first six games and instantly fight them, complete with all weapons from that game to use.

There were a few things kept out of this that did disappoint me, though. As mentioned above, I expected the Legacy Collection to at least have all of the Mega Man titles in the series (1-10), not just the original six. However, my guess is there will be additional packs later on, or DLC that adds the games in later.

I’m also surprised there’s no remix mode on some of the titles. Considering other games have been released in the series with remix modes, or at least updated features, I’m surprised two modes weren’t put in: one that was pure original, and one that had some option enhancements or control additions.

Final Thoughts:
Years later, and the original six games hold up for the most part. Sure, fans have played these titles over and over, but the addition of the Challenge Mode will be enough to bring gamers to the Mega Man Legacy Collection to test their skills. If you’ve never played a Mega Man title before, check this out to see what the Blue Bomber has to offer. If you think you’re a pro, hop into the Challenges and prove it to the world.


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