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access_time August 6, 2015 at 2:24 PM in Features by Tyler Colp

2 World of Warcraft: Legion features that new and returning players need to pay attention to

If you’re someone who played World of Warcraft a long time ago or someone who has managed to avoid it all these years, it’s hard to get interested in new expansions. It’s a bunch of features and tweaks to existing things that you, apparently, don’t care that much about. And while the game has become more insular and less-open to new players over time, as many MMOs do, the latest expansion, Legion, does offer a couple things that could be a big deal for new and returning players.

1. Instant level 100 boost


Warlords of Draenor, the last expansion, included  the ability to take one of your characters and boost them to level 90, just 10 levels below the new level cap. It wasn’t a huge selling point for the expansion, but it was secretly one of the most important, especially for new and returning players.

What the level 90 boost did was enable these types of players to purchase the new expansions and have the ability to pick any class and start them right at the new content. It was a way to skip the days of questing you have to spend to get there from level 1.

Well, good news, it’s coming back for Legion, but with another 10 levels added on top. The new boost to 100 will let you skip all of Warlords of Draenor and go right to the new continent to get those last levels on the way to level 110. You get to choose any class or race just as before, and get to the stuff you just spent your money on. It’s a smart way to get people engaged with the new without having to go through all the old, which often is the barrier for players.

2. New class


We haven’t had a new class in World of Warcraft for a little while now. New classes are always a good way to get people into the game, especially those already familiar with the ones the game previously offered. The new Demon Hunter class looks to play within the already-designated roles or damage dealer and tank, but does have some new abilities that should be enough to get people interested. Also, they start out at a higher level like Death Knights, so by default, it’ll be nice for new or returning players to try out. One note though: Blizzard no longer requires you to have a level 55 character to make Death Knights, but they haven’t said if that will be the case or not with Demon Hunters.

But a new class is a new class, and it’s sure to find more players that stick with it. It’s really just more room for people to diversify what they want to play, and that’s always good.


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