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Fight off the Fruitageddon in Fruit Attacks


En Masse Entertainment, widely known as the publisher of one of Steam’s most-played MMORPGs, TERA, unleashed their very first mobile title, known as Fruit Attacks.

This game, free on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices across North America and Europe, finds players defending Earth from an incoming fruit invasion. It features a unique “hook-shot” mechanic, offering up a refreshing take on the traditional arcade shooter.

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It will be up to you to stop the incoming “Fruitageddon” as waves of angry strawberies, bananas, apples, and other fruit descend upon the planet with a vengeance. Thanks to the intuitive two-finger control system you’ll be able to choose between firing rapidly and testing your skills with the more advanced hook shots.

You can also shake the device to add special full-screen attacks to the fray, which are sure to help you seize victory as stronger and more challenging fruits appear.

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Gamers will begin with only a single hero as the fated Fruitageddon approaches. As you progress, you can acquire six different heroes, as well as dozens of minions which provide unique powers and abilities.

You will be able to earn, combine, and use a wide variety of bonuses, including minion options and power-ups, in order to build teams that suit your own, unique play styles.

There are currently 180 total stages, spread across three episodes. There are also two game modes and frequent planned updates.

Can you stop the deadly Fruitageddon?


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