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Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment arrives on PlayStation 4

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America recently unleashed Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment for PlayStation 4 gamers to enjoy. Launched exclusively through the PlayStation Network, Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment allows PS4 gamers to check out the games (as it’s actually two in one) that had the honor of being one of 2014’s best-selling PlayStation Vita titles. Of course it isn’t just a straight port; It comes to the home console with enhanced localization, online play, additional bosses, and more.

Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America stated, “We are excited to be able to bring Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment to our PlayStation 4 fans. Featuring all of the content packed into last year’s PlayStation Vita game, Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment is sure to keep fans busy for months to come. As the Sword Art Online light novels and anime continue to take the world by storm, we are delighted to be able to include the franchise in our roster of fantastic anime games.”

The game follows the simulated Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (VRMMORPG) gameplay from the Sword Art Online storyline. You will take on the role of Kirito as you fight through the different levels of Aincrad in an attempt to break free from being locked within the virtual world.

As Kirito, you’ll be able to interact with over a hundred different characters, some new, some series favorites. Vita gamers will be able to transfer some items from that version to the PlayStation 4 version, and DLC from the Vita title will be unlockable at a later date on the PlayStation 4.

Finally, gamers who decide to pre-order the upcoming Sword Art Online: Lost Song, will be able to instantly download and play Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment at no additional charge.

Will you adventure into the world of Aincrad? Or are you going to pass on playing a game about people playing a game?


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