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access_time July 27, 2015 at 9:04 AM in Previews by Jose Ortiz

Preview | Battleborn

From the makers of Borderlands comes a new adventure called Battleborn. Once I heard about this new game from 2K I had to check it out, this was one of my first stops at E3. Once I walked through the doors I looked to the left and saw the 2K booth. I quickly got in line to start playing Battleborn, but man was the line longer than I thought. I was given a little pamphlet that listed all the characters that they had to play with all their specials listen and what they did.



Once I got in front of the line I knew what character I wanted to play as, but once I got to the station, it was already picked so I chose another character and, wow, it was awesome. I played as Caldarious which is the big robot character that has a sword and has a gun that bursts a few rounds before reloading.


My team was playing part of a mission from the story and it was amazing how everyone was sticking together and helping each other out with their weak spots. I did hear some characters talk on the headset and the comments I heard sounded hilarious, like Borderlands, especially the boss. My character felt like a Titan from Destiny, but in cartoon and was more easier to control and was of course funnier, I did feel like I was right at home.


In the beta there were only 10 characters to choose from, but when the game comes out there will be 25 characters to choose from, they do include girl characters as well. I could not have enough of this game at all, it was a lot of fun playing it and can not wait till this game comes out.


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