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access_time July 26, 2015 at 8:59 AM in Previews by Jose Ortiz

Preview: Destiny – The Taken King DLC

New weapons, maps, shaders, titles, ships, raid and exotics? This recipe only means one thing… A new DLC for Destiny!  This DLC will also come with the third subclass for every character (Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters).

destiny_the_taken_king titan

Titans will have their solar subclass that will allow them to have a flaming hammer that they can hit people with at close range and can throw it and hit people from far away.

destiny-taken-king warlock

For Warlocks, they will have their arc subclass which will allow them to hover over the ground while they have their super and will electrify people from close to mid range.

destiny hunter

Finally Hunters will have their void subclass that will allow them to generate a purple bow that only has one shot and explodes upon impact and generates little other ones and traps enemies for a short period of time.

This DLC will come with new maps and two new game modes that are really fun to play on and are very fast paced . One map especially felt like a Halo map, this map was the one where it launches you to the other side of the map and can launch you back to the other side and did feel very much like Halo.

What impressed me was that there’s a new Iron Banner pistol that felt really good while I was using it. It looks like a silenced USP 45 from Modern Warfare 2 and sounds amazing. Will there be new side missions? That I’m not sure of, but most likely they will since the other DLC’s did come with side missions. This DLC will come at the price of… $40!?! Why so much? People have already spent so much money on this game already and will now have to spend a whopping $40 dollars more on it. Is it worth getting it? We will see on 9/15 of this year and hope it will be worth the $40 people put into this game.


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