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access_time July 25, 2015 at 4:05 PM in Previews by Jose Ortiz

Preview: Star Wars: Battlefront


In a galaxy far, far away… Where NASA still can’t go… comes Star Wars Battlefront! This game literally puts you right in the shoes of troops fighting against the Empire. This game has a wave mode or some sort of training mode where there’s waves of enemies coming to attack you while you try and reach the objective. Dice did an amazing job on graphics and making the game seem real and intense. Before you start this simulation you get to pick which guns and abilities you want to go to battle with. Then you are immediately put into battle, it can be by yourself or with a friend in co-op mode and help each other out accomplish each objective.

The blaster feels really nice and sturdy when you shoot it. This game feels a lot like battlefield, but with big changes like having a blaster instead of a regular military weapon, a jet pack, and a whole lot of Star Wars action. Now, some changes that I’d recommend is not to put how many lives you have left on the left top part of the screen instead have people know how many lives they have left after respawn. Also, since this is a simulation, for first time players and users they should let people know what the controls are before starting to send waves at the players (I didn’t see anything to help me out how to go from third person to first, unless I was blind and didn’t see something).


Other than those little minor changes, the game so far is really good and exciting. Dice has outdone themselves and does seem that this game has potential. Me being a Star Wars fan, I can’t wait for this game to come out and finally know how it feels being on the battlefield fighting against The Empire.


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