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Street Fighter V’s first new character is Necalli, DLC plans detailed


Capcom has been on a roll these past few weeks as far as character announcements go for Street Fighter V. E3 2015 had the announcements of Birdie and Cammy, then we had Ken revealed with a new look at San Diego Comic Con. Now, just before the Ultra Street Fighter IV finals matches, Capcom has revealed the first new character to join the fight, Necalli. This new mysterious character is a fighter with savage close range attacks, focused on dishing out a lot of pain to anyone that crosses him.


His V-Skill allows him to slam the ground with his fists and create an explosive wave of energy to damage his enemies while his V-Trigger activates a sort of transformation that alters his appearance and personality, and most likely his attacks. Capcom has said they will reveal more about his story and origin in the coming months, but the character looks rather interesting so far. Based on his introduction video (embedded below), he bears a striking resemblance to Wolverine in the Marvel vs Capcom games.


Capcom had also previously announced their strategy with how downloadable content will be handled with Street Fighter V. They claim that players will never have to purchase a Super Street Fighter V. All characters and other gameplay changing content added to the game post-launch can be earned completely free of charge just by playing the game and earning “Fight Money”. If players choose, they can also purchase “Zenny” to use  to unlock them instead as they please. All future balance adjustments and fixes will also be free of charge and will allow players to always have the most current version. Street Fighter V will launch in Spring next year on PlayStation 4 and PC, and will have a core roster of 16 playable characters at launch, four of them (including Necalli) being brand new to the series. Currently, half of that roster has been revealed, so stay tuned for more announcements in the future, and take a look at Necalli in action below.



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