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Evoland 2 arrives in August

Shiro Games, a French indie developer, recently announced that the sequel to their 2013 hit Evoland, titled Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder, will be arriving on digital storefronts worldwide come August 25, 2015 for Windows. Mac and Linux versions will be following soon after.

They went on to state that players who pre-order the game through the official website will receive a special 10% off the title as well as a digital art book.

For those wondering, Evoland 2 is a rather unique game that mixes many genres into one. Where the original title was an RPG, Evoland 2 will feature RPG, beat-’em-up battles, puzzles, shoot-’em-up, and more, making it quite a hard game to classify accurately. Just check out the game’s official trailer and see for yourself.

Shiro CEO, Sebastien Vidal, stated, “By confirming to our fans when Evoland 2 will release, we hope the excitement and anticipation will garner further awareness of this very special game. We are taking every measure to deliver a memorable experience that delivers on the original vision we had set for the original Evoland. This is going to be an epic adventure through the world of videogames and we hope players will join us.”

The game’s story revolves around a hero who must protect the odd world he lives within by learning to understand events in different timelines. He will need to thus attempt  to utilize this understanding to turn the currently grim future into a better one, but there is a strange secret buried within the very core of his world that is affecting the course of time itself. Will the hero be able to change the world’s current destiny? Or will he fail in his quest?


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