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Path of Exile: The Awakening now available

Recently Grinding Gear Games was thrilled to launch the largest and most far-reaching expansion of their popular RPG, Path of Exile, known as The Awakening, has been released and is now available for gamers to enjoy. This expansion will take you on a dark journey as you descend into the depths of nightmare and discover great secrets about the world of Wraeclast as you engage in even greater battles.

path of exile awakening 2

The Awakening has received praise from a variety of sources, including MMORPG, MMOHuts, Massively OP and GameSpot. MMORPG stated, “The Awakening will be a game-changer.” MMOHuts proclaimed The Awakening to be “the most bat shit crazy expansion ever to shake up the island of exiles.” MassivelyOP simply stated, “Oh, yes, Act IV will be the hard act to follow.” Finally, GameSpot’s praise, “That’s the thing they continue to do with Path of Exile, in particular The Awakening,. It’s ‘how many different ways can we make players happy?'”

path of exile awakening 1

For those unaware, Path of Exile originally released in October 2013 and quickly exploded into both a community of 11.2 million players worldwide and a massive RPG phenomenon. Now, thanks to The Awakening, it’s about to get even bigger, as the expansion will improve and expand upon every aspect of the game.

Here are some of the expansion’s key features, as presented by the official press release:

  • Act IV Is Here! Act IV continues Path of Exile’s storyline. The time has finally come to venture into the center of corruption itself and drive a blade through its black heart.
  • Explore Beyond Highgate: For the first time since launch, The Awakening introduces completely new areas, monsters and end-game maps to expand the world of Wraeclast.
  • Defeat Legendary Bosses: Experience climactic boss encounters with characters from Wraeclast’s past such as Shavronne, Doedre, Malachai and many more.
  • Powerful New Skill Gems: With new classes of skills such as elemental Golems that fight by your side, warcries and several new support gems, players are able to create new clever and intricate builds.
  • Socketable Passive Tree: Collect and craft Jewels that can be socketed into the Passive Tree to drastically change the tree itself.
  • Masses of New Gear: Find more than 110 new Unique Items and discover an entirely new set of equipment, the Maraketh Weapons.
  • User Experience Improvements: Extensive user interface improvements, added more customization options and implemented many community-suggested changes.


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