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access_time July 9, 2015 at 1:20 PM in Features by Tyler Colp

Dark Souls 3 fans should be looking forward to at least one of these

The number of days between us and Dark Souls 3 are dropping. All we have to do is get through the holiday season and it’ll feel like it’s right around the corner, as long as it doesn’t get delayed, that is.

Dark Souls fans have a lot of expectations for the third entry in the difficult-but-satisfying series. Let’s take a look at some of those. If you’re one of them, you’ll likely want at least one of these, if not all of them, to happen.

Blighttown 3.0


Look, it’s going to happen. We’re going to get another pitch black area that has environmental hazards along with annoying enemies. This is something any Dark Souls player has to accept. Dark Souls 2 had The Gutter and Dark Souls 3 is surely going to have some similarly-named hell hole. The question is not will it arrive, it’s will I love to hate it?

If we assume the upcoming game is a chronological sequel, then maybe there are more dark, twisted places to explore than usual. After all, the world could still be dying out.

Praise it again


Okay, so Solaire, the cheery fellow you meet early in the original game, didn’t exactly show up in the sequel. There were vague and not-so-vague references, but you don’t run into anyone that is related to him. That’s probably okay. You might not be able to ever replace Solaire.

But if Dark Souls 3 doesn’t have the ability to praise the sun, then we have a problem. The symbol of the Warriors of Sunlight must return in some form. Again, if it’s a chronological sequel, maybe we could find the remnants of other members or maybe finally some real evidence that Solaire is indeed a certain character’s son.

Creating Bonfires


Dark Souls’ iconic checkpoint system, the bonfires, are definitely making a return. There’s also some information from previews that there’s an ability to let you create your own. Now, I doubt it will mean you can effectively save your progress wherever, but maybe in certain areas, having a bonfire will be up to you. It could give you some control on how difficult you want an area to be or even be used as a way to find secret locations to set up Bonfires–a reward for exploration. This could dramatically change the game’s pacing, but it’s one of the most interesting things about Dark Souls 3 if it turns out to be true.

Dynamic Bosses


The last game played a bit with bosses that reacted significantly to their own health level, switching up the pacing and tactics of the fight, and previews for the third game have said this will return in a more realized form. This could make the already-difficult fights even harder if they’re dynamic. Imagine a boss that changes based on what you do a lot. So, if I constantly hide behind a shield, maybe this boss will learn to knock it away, forcing me to rethink my approach. This could lend itself well to the game’s new stance system, which gives you way more options to fight per weapon.


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