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E3 2015 Preview | Adam Jensen gets upgraded in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Being a huge fan of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the sequel to the hit cyberpunk stealth-action game was already sounding pretty captivating. Square-Enix and Eidos Montreal invited GotGame to a private demo of the game, giving a bit more detail on the story, as well as the new features of the combat. The demo starts out in Prague in the year 2029, two years after Human Revolution, as Adam departs a train in a city that clearly has it out for people with augments. Finding an old friend, they have an interesting exchange that further explains the events and how things have changes in just two short years. The sequence bears a resemblance to the opening of Half-Life 2, as security is quick to stop Adam and question him. It seems irrelevant as Adam and his friend work their way past, passing by graffiti that shows the hatred towards augments, even walking up to a security gate that has segregated sections for “augs”. Shortly after, the train station is attacked by terrorists, and the demo fades to black.


Starting the demo at a point a bit later into the game, Adam is flown into a fortress-like city, full of slums and homes made especially for people with augments. Described as an “aug-ghetto”, Adam discusses a bit of his plans with his pilot Chikane Elias, who becomes the correspondent for the rest of the mission. This provided the chance for Adam to show off some of his new and returning abilities, some even being slightly modified versions of previous powers. Adam’s cloaking ability returns along with his thermal vision, allowing for some traditional stealth tactics. Joining them however are things like remote hacking, performing a timing based mini-game to match a frequency, as well as the new Icarus Dash, a warp that allows vertical and horizontal movement, adding a mechanic perhaps slightly inspired by Dishonored. One that will really be useful for players is the new tesla-gunarm, allowing for them to target up to four enemies and stun them with guided lasers, still following a non-lethal pathway.


Moving away from the stealthy and non-lethal augments, the demo also showcased quite a few of the deadly augments in Adam’s arsenal. Given new lethal takedowns, Adam will continue to make some pretty badass kills, still having the ability to punch through walls for takedowns as well as the returning Icarus Drop. One new ability is the Nano-blade, which can be shot into targets, completely penetrating them to make them stick to walls. As deadly as that is, it has one more option as players can shoot it at walls, not only causing a distraction, but also leading enemies to the point where the blade will explode and take them down, making it a valuable weapon for enemies behind cover. Perhaps the best new ability he has causes a bit of a departure from Human Revolution, but in a good way. No longer is Adam a paper-thin target for enemies to kill with ease, as now he has the Titan ability, allowing him to be practically invincible for a short amount of time. The armor that surrounds Adam looks similar to the black and gold triangle design used throughout the games.


Aside from the augments, players will be given the option to go through the game without killing a single enemy. Vents are still Adam’s favorite place to hang out and given the larger environments, there are a lot more options to move around past enemies. The gunplay is more exciting and intense this time around, environments more destructible and weapons offering cool ammo options. Enemies will act very much like they did in Human Revolution, so fans can expect a similar difficulty. Dialogue options return and seem more immersive than ever, as the characters act very natural based on player decisions, and the animation is just spot on. Fans should be pleased with the way the game looks and feels and the story seems genuinely interesting. All and all, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided seems to be what fans should hope for, and it surely will be on their radar when it releases on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC early next year.


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