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E3 2015 | Explore, Create, and Destroy in Fallout 4


Even though Fallout 4 was no surprise, Bethesda showed the first gameplay demo for the title at their E3 Showcase, and it was certainly packed full of new details. The game will start off in Boston before the bombs drop, allowing players to get a glimpse at what life was like before the need for vaults. This segment essentially sets up the story, but also gives the player a brand new character customization tool. Fans will have more freedom than ever before with customizing their character, now given the option to shape and sculpt various features of the face. Choosing between a male or female avatar, in the context, a husband and wife, players can adjust both and the game will even generate a baby based on the looks of the characters.


Interestingly enough, the game will also be programmed with hundreds of names for NPCs to speak when they interact with your character, allowing a more immersive experience with a custom character. After creating a character, a Vault-Tec representative pays a visit and asks for a little information, giving the player the chance to allocate their stat points like Charisma and Luck. As the story plays out, news hits that bombs are about to drop, and everyone scrambles to evacuate to the nearest vault. Not wanting to reveal too much, Bethesda decided to fast forward to show that the player is the only survivor of Vault 111, and is somehow thrown 200 years in the future.


Environments look great in the sequel, filled with detailed shrubbery, dynamic lighting, and just a beautiful representation of a post-apocalyptic future. It won’t be long till classic elements of the Fallout franchise start to show up, such as a dog sidekick, V.A.T.S., Nuka Cola, raiders, and even the new and improved Pip-Boy. The Pip-Boy has become even more interactive, showing more animation, and even now includes video games based on classic arcade titles like Donkey Kong and Missile Command. Despite all the familiar elements, there is plenty of new content to get fans excited.


One of the most notable additions to the game is the option to create settlements in various locations of the world. Players will now be able to break down buildings and items to gain materials that can then be used to create new ones. Bethesda wanted to give their fans more freedom, giving them the opportunity to create their own homes, build a community, and make the perfect base. NPCs will eventually take refuge in the town, and even traders will start to set up shop to sell valuable items in the game. Players can make generators that can power lights, turrets, and other types of machinery, and they can even use terminals to customize these objects even further. These settlements will need to be defended, as raiders will occasionally attack, so it is best to use effective placement.


Not only can homes and cities be built, but weapons and battle suits can also be customized. There are 50 base weapons in the game, and over 700 modifications, creating nearly endless possibilities for players to make their perfect weapon for just the right situation. Want an aluminum bat with saw blades attached? Go for it. An automatic plasma rifle with good range and fire rate? No problem. Want to add a jet pack to a battlesuit and wreak havoc? Make it so. With Fallout 4, freedom is really the focus, and it shows with all the additions that Bethesda has announced. Fans can expect to create all the crazy weapons they are used to, and more, allowing for some pretty awesome combat.


Perhaps the best news out of the presentation is the release date, as Fallout 4 will be released on November 10th, 2015. The game will be releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and will also offer a Pip-Boy Edition, one that will include a real Pip-Boy that will allow for smart phones to fit. Utilizing the Pip-Boy app, players will be able to have a second screen experience for the game, using the app to manage inventory, stats, and various other options in real time. The Pip-Boy is not required, as fans can download the app on their smartphone and have the same functionality, just with less style. The Pip-Boy edition is priced at $119.99 MSRP, and can be preordered now on Amazon. It will be a hard five months to wait, but it looks like Bethesda will make it worth it when Fallout 4 releases later this year.


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