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E3 2015 | Earthbound Beginnings and BlastBall Announced (UPDATE)


Fans that are watching at home or attending in person for the Nintendo World Championships 2015 have gotten a few E3 announcements already. Right before the show, Mother/Earthbound Director and Producer, Shigesato Itoi announced that the original Mother, now renamed Earthbound Beginnings, will be released today for the Wii U virtual console, the first time the game has been officially released in the United States. Fans will be able to play through the original game that started the series with a full English translation, hopefully paving the way for the possible release of Mother 3.


(UPDATE: Nintendo later announced that the true title to BlastBall was Metroid Prime Federation Force,and that BlastBall was simply a multiplayer mode of the title.)

During the second main round of the Nintendo World Championships, Nintendo premiered a brand new title to be played, BlastBall for the 3DS. It looks very much like a Metroid Prime soccer, with two teams of three blasting a ball to the other teams goal. Power ups can be used to give players a boost and players utilize giant mech-like suits to shoot the ball and block the ball from reaching their goal. It is currently unknown when the title will be completely available, but it was fairly fun to watch. Updates will be posted when they become available.


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