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E3 2015 | Doom returns in all of its gory glory


Bethesda held their first E3 showcase tonight and they opened up with a bang. Id Software showed off Doom, their upcoming reboot to the iconic first-person shooter that looks to define the series moving forward. Waking up in a space station, your primary purpose is to kill demons from Hell, using several weapons at your disposal to perform the job. Players will pick up shotguns, plasma rifles, chainsaws, and all sorts of weapons that can be selected from a weapon wheel as time is slowed down to give the a seamless experience in the firefights.


Enemies have the opportunity to be finished off with brutal melee executions, consisting of various animations like breaking legs and cramming their foot into their skull, or ripping their lower jaw off in a bloody display. The game retains the fast and frenetic gameplay that Doom fans love, and looks rather impressive doing so, running on the idTech6 engine. Some of the environments offer a bit of interactivity, a personal favorite being when the player rips the arm off a dead scientist and uses his hand to unlock a door. The game seems to lack a few scares and brings in more action, taking a bit of a departure from Doom 3.


Multiplayer offers some of the same gameplay but offers power ups, making it seem almost like a new Unreal Tournament, but with a few changes. One powerup allows players to be transformed into a demon with a jetpack, giving them an advantage in the fight, but also making them a high profile target for opponents to try to take down. It looks just as fast-paced and intense as the campaign, and that probably works in favor of the new Doom.


Perhaps the most impressive announcement for Doom was Doom SnapMap, a full array of custom options for players on whichever platform they choose. Players can make new maps, game modes, or even mini-campaigns that can be played for themselves, or uploaded and shared for other players to download. Some examples on display were modes like co-op survival, a demon battle mode, and even a Call of Duty Zombies inspired mode. Players can make maps however they want, putting enemies, power ups, and various other environmental objects anywhere they want, and Id Software promises it to be accessible. Bethesda hopes to release Doom in Spring 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and a gameplay trailer can be found below.


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