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Nippon Ichi Software reveals new character bios for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Recently Nippon Ichi Software America shared some new information on the upcoming Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. This new info is none other than some new art assets and some bio information on the new characters that will appear in the game. Let’s take a look at what was revealed.

Christo ChristoTall

Christo, whom you can see above, is an Overlord affiliated with “a certain giant Netherworld”. Christo is quite a gifted tactician, and he is determined to achieve victory, no matter what it may take in order to do so. The great deal of potential Killia has with magic drew his eye, and now he views Killia as his best shot for assassinating the powerful Void Dark.

Zeroken ZerokenTall

Zerokin above is quite a young Overlord as well as the self-proclaimed heir of the legendary Great Demon Fist, Goldion. Zerokin appears as Killia and the others are battling against the Lost and decides to help out, despite nobody actually asking him to. He can be quite stubborn, but his flexible mindset means that he can change his attitude depending on who it is he’s interacting with.

Red MagnusRedMagnus

As the Overlord of Scorching Flame, where vicious demons reside, Red Magnus tends to believe that strength is everything. He is extremely wild and is simply trying to destroy Void Dark so that he may become the strongest Overlord. Red Magnus’s Netherworld and Seraphina’s Netherworld have been on bad terms for a very long time. Also, he has a tendency to say “super” fairly often.

Usalia UsaliaBC

Usalia is the heir of Toto Bunny, who detests fighting. Thanks to one of Void Dark’s subordinates, Usalia was cursed to constantly have to eat curry, else she will transform into a beast. This has had the effect of eventually causing her to actually enjoy curry. She also has an extremely nice personality, which is rather unusual for a demon. She tends to ride a yellow prinny (pictured above with her) into battle.

Seraphina SeraphinaBC

Seraphina is the Princess Overlord of Gorgeous, the richest nation in all of the Three Worlds (consisting of the Netherworlds, Celestia, and the Human World). Seraphina honestly believes that all men exist simply to kneel before her. She ran away from home after her father arranged a marriage of convenience with Void Dark, and she is now planning to assassinate Void Dark.

Killia KilliaBC

Last but not least we have the main character for Disgaea 5, a young demon who seeks revenge against, and has a long history with, Void Dark; Killia Though Killia seems very cold, his kindness shines through as he helps those suffering due to the Lost. He has an extremely high calorie intake and eats every chance he gets.

What do you think of these characters?


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