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Review | Destiny: House of Wolves


After the big wait on House of Wolves, it finally came.

While waiting to see what content would come with this DLC, people (even myself) were getting ready for another raid, more gear, new places to explore, new weapons, and a new “tower” and see what the new vendors would be selling. When the trailer came out for House of Wolves, I was completely sold and was extremely excited for it. People started to save rare and legendary engrams hoping to get a piece of the new gear in one of those engrams.

Getting to the DLC, I started off by taking on the new “story” missions that were included. The first few missions were kind of disappointing knowing you were just going backwards in some maps that were already in the game, but the most disappointing part was picking up shiplinks by killing Vandals on Venus (Silent Fang mission) and the Vault of Glass mission you had to do (called Wolves’ Gambit). It felt like a little lazy (although many people would disagree) and couldn’t come up with anything new. They wanted to waste people’s time on collecting shiplinks and turned the Vault of Glass enemies into Fallen and had to clear the Oracles before enemies start spawning in.


It felt like I was playing the Vault of Glass again. Besides those downfalls, the DLC does come with a new characters such as Petra Venj (who is like Eris Morn), Variks, the loyal who is a new vendor, Master Ives who is another Cryptarch, and Brother Vance who is there for the new game challenge Trials of Osiris, more new places to go in missions, and instead of putting in a new raid they put in two new activities to do: Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris. To get into the Prison of Elders you would need to complete the new story missions. Once you complete the story they get a legendary key, that key would be used to unlock a massive chest at the end of Prison of Elders and would grant you an exotic weapon automatically the first time you run through it.



You can only use one key per run though, and if you try and running through Prison of Elders without that legendary key, you will not be able to unlock the chest at all, but you may have a chance of getting one in the small chests that are next to the big one. For Trials of Osiris, it’s just like Iron Banner the higher level you are the better. Trials of Osiris only comes on weekends just like Xur and does reward you with great, awesome looking armor that comes with amazing abilities for all classes and new weapons. Although, if you lose three matches you’re out of the competition and would need to re-buy a trials passage. Both the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris are what really make this DLC. The DLC isn’t great, but also not bad in my opinion. I’m hoping the next DLC (whatever it may be) will be better than this one and hope it will be worth the wait and the money.

Final Score: 3 out of 5


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