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Rising Star Games teams up with Speelbaars to release Lumini

luminiRising Star Games was thrilled to announce that they’re expanding their ever-growing line0up of indie games as they form a new partnership with Speelbaars, a Netherlands-based developer. Together Rising Star Games and Speelbaars will work to bring a relaxing, flow-based adventure game known as Lumini to PC, Mac, and Linux this Fall.

Lumini will grant you control of a swarm of the titular creatures, which are an ancient race that has been missing for thousands of years. You will need to grow, evolve, and keep the swarm safe during the dangerous and challenging journey.

As you sail these creatures through beautiful, time-worn landscapes, you will encounter mystical and bewildering creatures and solve ancient puzzles as you attempt to discover why the Lumini vanished. You will also be attempting to restore peace and harmonic balance to their home planet.

Martin Defries, managing director of Rising Star Games, stated, “It’s our aspiration to bring players unique and captivating gaming experiences that drew us to Lumini. It’s always a breath of fresh air to work with a young, talented development team like Speelbaars, who are overflowing with creativity. Lumini offers players an imaginative and relaxing experience that is seldom seen in video games, and I’m very happy we get to play a part in its release.”

“Our goal as developers is to get as many people as possible to experience Lumini,Luc Veiga da Palma of Speelbaars commented. “With the help of Rising Star Games, who have successfully been publishing games for over a decade, we feel confident that we can get our game into the international spotlight and bring joy to players worldwide. Even better, we have full creative control and freedom to make Lumini the best game it can be.”

Does Lumini sound like a title that will catch your interest?


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