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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – New Patch Released

A new patch was released for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, adding the Poker Night 2 head and skin customisation items, as well as fixes for a huge list of issues, including screen-tearing, multiplayer connectivity and more.

Alongside this latest patch available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel also gets a patch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, also introducing some performance enhancements, tweaks, fixes and such. The update is available now across all platforms, and it has 7.7GB.


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Patch Notes:


  • Fixed various graphical issues
  • Fixed menu stretching across the screen after a player quits a split-screen game
  • Fixed an issue where players inventories were inaccurate when multiple player’s inventories were open in split-screen play
  • Improved online multiplayer connectivity
  • Fixed various controller vibration issues
  • Various SHiFT connectivity improvements

Borderlands 2

  • Added Poker Night 2 head and skin customizations
  • Fixed an issue where some lip sync would sometimes fail to occur in non-English languages

Borderlands:  The Pre-Sequel

  • Various performance improvements
  • Minimized screen-tearing issues
  • Added Zoom toggle option in the Video Options menu
  • Added d-pad navigation toggle (zoom/navigation) support for ECHO Menu while in split-screen
  • Fixed an issue where scoped weapons would sometimes break when teleporting to a vehicle in an online game
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen background image could fail to appear
  • Addressed an issue where scoped weapons would aim off-center in two-player vertical split-screen
  • Fixed an issue where audio could drop out while playing in split-screen in the Claptastic Voyage DLC
  • Various multiplayer connectivity improvements
  • Glitched (pink) items will now display properly in the UI
  • DLC mission names will now show up on LAN lobby screens
  • Fixed bug so that glowing portions of heads appear correctly with skins
  • The Baroness’ “Custom Loads” skill will no longer erroneously apply a one-damage status effect
  • Fixed Tassitron Engineers arc weld to fire properly at players
  • Character customizations will now properly unlock for The Doppelganger and The Baroness
  • Eghood is now on a respawn timer and is runnable without having to quit/reload
  • Button highlights on the main menu friends list will no longer get stuck after a player leaves
  • Gun graphics and animations added back to the Grinder UI
  • Teleport effects will now display properly on Deck 13
  • Players in an active Baroness contract can now duel
  • Fragtraps with the “Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold” skill can now complete the “Trouble with Space Hurps” mission
  • Remote and split-screen players can now receive loyalty rewards
  • Players using the “Nuked” controller preset can now see the “Inspect” button prompt
  • Fixed issue so that status effect visuals and damage match in length
  • Fixed an issue where laser ice damage was sometimes  incorrectly being dealt as shock damage
  • Changed time remaining format to two-digits for minutes and two-digits for seconds during timed missions
  • Dahl chests will no longer disappear and re-appear in Triton Flats
  • Reflected laser beams will now properly display after ricocheting
  • Nel will now spawn and aggro properly
  • Players with missing backpack or bank SDU upgrade slots will automatically have additional slots added based on the number of SDU upgrades purchased
  • Fixed an issue where the “Moon Mission Meister” achievement would sometimes not unlock
  • Opha Superior is now a runnable boss
  • Fixed the objective “Open Door” that would uncheck and cause players to get stuck when running to Regolith Range after opening the canister door in Serenity’s Waste
  • Fixed an issue where the Grinder would sometimes become non-functional
  • The Grinder will now produce items over level 50 in playthroughs one and two
  • Tony Slows will now always spawn during the “No Such Thing as a Free Lunch” mission
  • Fixed a zombie audio issue during multiplayer sessions
  • Players can no longer spend skill points in their own skill tree while inspecting another player’s skill tree
  • Gates will now close when Jailbreaker dies
  • Players should no longer get stuck during the “Kill Meg” mission
  • The Luck Cannon’s bonus damage will no longer apply to projectiles from other weapons
  • Inventory stats will no longer be incremented when withdrawing inventory from the bank or stash
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Fixed an exploit with EOS and legendary loot
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Players will be able to progress when hacker bot dies during the “File Search in The Nexus” mission
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Players will no longer get stuck by jumping in the recycling bin after pulling the lever during the “You Can Stop The Music” mission
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Fixed an issue where players would get stuck after leaving the map during the “Chip’s Data Mining Adventurer” mission
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Fixed jump pad issues during multiplayer sessions in Claptastic Voyage
  • [Claptastic Voyage] The “Cult of the Vault” challenge in Motherlessboard now includes the proper number of Vault Symbols
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Players will no longer get stuck after killing the last wave of enemies during the “File Search” mission
  • [Claptastic Voyage] MINAC’s doors will no longer get stuck after level transitions
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Player characters lines will now play when picking up H-Source
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Fixed an issue with 5H4D0W-TP not functioning properly on some missions
  • [Claptastic Voyage] A black sphere will no longer appear when the “Enter the Claptrap” mission is in the “TURN IN” state
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Fixed and issue where the introduction cutscene did not play properly
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Increased damage particle size when hitting EOS
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Added Grinder recipes for Claptastic Voyage items
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Updated Loot bug drop pool
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Denial Subroutine boss fight is now runnable without having to quit/reload and now has special loot
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Killing Eclipse now grants experience and can trigger Second Wind
  • [Claptastic Voyage] Players will no longer get stuck on the “The Psychology of Claptrap” mission
  • [Claptastic Voyage] 5H4D0W-TP’s health bar will no longer linger after its death
  • [Claptastic Voyage] The HUD will no longer disappear when pausing in the on Deck 13 ½
  • [Holodome Onslaught] Enemies will now always appear on the minimap in the Holodome arena

Source: Gearbox Community 


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