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Gaming with Tan: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (Complete. Last video date: 6-9-15)

Welcome, dear readers, to another session of Gaming with Tan. This time we’ll be switching up things a bit, posting the gameplay videos and updating the playlist as we go. An RPG like Final Fantasy Type-0 HD seemed like the perfect candidate to test if more viewers and readers would prefer to keep a post like this in mind and check back periodically, or if they’d prefer the entire game to be posted at once, as with the other playthroughs I’ve done, such as The Wolf Among Us and Citizens of Earth.

As we continue, we’ll update the “Last video date” portion in the title, so you should be able to tell quite quickly if there’s new footage that you have not seen. Those interested in watching live can also always check out my channel at www.twitch.tv/tanthias when I go live.

Without further adieu, here’s the first batch of videos:

If you have any thoughts on how I could improve the gameplay footage or make the playthrough more interesting, please share them. I’m always willing to listen to feedback and attempt to improve my performance.

Also, please share in the comments if you’d prefer all gameplay videos at once, as with my prior playthroughs, or if you prefer to watch them bit by bit, as I’m testing here.

Update 5-21: After a few issues with Twitch exportation, I managed to get the videos uploaded successfully.

Update 6-17: Ok, so things happened and I wasn’t able to follow through with the experiment as planned. I do apologize for that. As of today, all the videos of the playthrough are in the above playlist. I will likely attempt this experiment again in the future.


Those interested in the previous videos can find them all in the first playlist. As I post a new playlist, I will be adding the previous ones to the first, eventually resulting in every video being included in it.




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